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    Technical Advantage

Research & Development

Market leader in solar cell development with regards to Research and Development (R&D)


Adani Solar Private Limited uses its core strengths in PV Cell research and development in order tosuccessfully optimize its unique technologies developed in-house in collaboration with leading laboratories worldwide for producing one of the highest efficiency solar cells.


The R&D at Adani Solar always plans 6-12 months ahead of competition (industry average). Adani Solar is the first company in the world to start a Greenfield Project of GW scale.

Robust & most reliable PV-module manufacturer


Adani Solar places great focus on the optimization of module manufacturing processes to continuously improve their efficiency and reliability and performance of it’s modules.


The power rating of Adani Solar’s PV-modules in mass production will always be one bin higher than its competitor. Adani Solar’s in house R&D Team designs its panelssuiting all environment conditions.

Average Power - PV Modules


Most Reliable PV Modules

  • Rigorous qualification process for all Raw Materials.
  • Extensive Characterization of materials in terms of Performance and Reliability.
  • 100% Fully Automated State of the Art Manufacturing Lines.
  • 3 EL process steps while module manufacturing ensuring Crack Free PV Modules.
  • Modules to qualify for 2 * IEC Thresher Test Program.
  • Superior PID Resistance compared to Competitors.
  • Resistance to Salt Mist, Ammonia, Sand & Dust Abrasion.
  • Leading quality-management-system (QMS) and excellent quality assurance of products.
  • The laboratories Adani Solar’s module manufacturing facilities are tied up with are TÜV Rheinland and UL Laboratories, Fraunhofer, PI Berlin, DNV GL PVEL, JET. The manufacturing processes

Reliability tests for long-term durability


Modules can pass Dynamic Load Test (1000Cycles) replicating real life conditions for 25 yrs lifetime *


Modules are certified withstand Snow Loads (8000Pa) and high wind loads (4200Pa) *


HAST test (Temperature:121°C,relative humidity: 100%, 2MPa Pressure) *

Adani Modules have to qualify for Extended Long Term Reliability Test (Thresher Test) before product launch. Adani is one of the very few Module Manufacturers performing an in-house Thresher Test program in compliance with the reliability and performance warranty it’s modules offer.