We at the Adani Group recognize that sustainable practices form the cornerstone of our success in business. Our dedicated CSR arm, the Adani Foundation, spearheads initiatives geared towards environmental conservation and community development in order to make a difference to human lives in our local communities.

Safety: We are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for our communities. Our practices have achieved a zero accident rate.

Water Conservation: Our investment in high-end technology such as the Robotic Solar Module Cleaner minimizes water consumption for our operations.

Rural Lighting: Our solar-powered lighting in rural public spaces lights up rural communities, ensuring safety and increased productivity.

Supporting Farmers: Our hybrid business model is aimed at empowering local communities and farmers who lease their land for our solar projects in exchange for a stable and timely income.

Our businesses are our green initiatives

Environment is an integral part of our business. All our business goals and activities are aligned with it. At Adani, green initiatives are pursued in every single activity of our businesses, every single day.

adani foundation

Adani Foundation