Bifacial Frameless Modules - 60 Cells

60 Cells

Higher Efficiency

290Wp module providing upto 370Wp at 30% ground reflectivity.

Higher Energy

Highest specific Energy Yield (kWh/kWp) leading to lowest LCOE and highest IRR amongst all technologies with a PR even higher than 100%.

Fully Automated

Adani’s Bifacial modules are offered with Dual Glass Frameless technology, making it PID Free.


High Reliability

  • Modules made with N Type Bifacial Solar Cells
  • Upto 370Wp at 30 % Ground reflectivity With single axis Tracker.
  • Characterized for 100W/m2 & 200 W/m2 on the rear side
  • Up to 85 % Bifaciality Factor.

Superior Performance

  • 2*IEC Testing to ensure extremely high reliability of PV Modules.
  • Near Zero LID , PID Free , 1500 V Module.
  • High Insulation Resistance due to special Raw materials.
  • Superior Performance with Single Axis Tracker Enabling gains till 40%.
  • 30 years linear power warranty Up to 85 % Performance

Get the cost advantage


Note: Data is based on the comparison of the Adani -60 Cells Bifacial module 290Wp with industry's average of 255Wp multicrystalline module for a scale of 1MW installation and will cost reduction will vary from site to site.



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