Multi-crystalline Solar PV Module

60 Cells

Higher Efficiency

Modules with 2 % higher energy output than Industry Average.

Higher Energy

5Wp higher than Industry Average PV Modules with average of 265Wp.

Fully Automated

Manufactured on 100% automated line; using state-of-the-art module manufacturing technology.


High Reliability

  • 3 IEC Testing to ensure extremely high reliability of PV Modules.
  • PID Resistant Modules

Superior Performance

  • Triple EL checking ensuring defect free modules.
  • Lower Temperature Coefficient
  • Lower NOCT & higher performance at NOCT & PTC Conditions.
  • Excellent Performance at Low Light Irradiation (200 W/m2)
  • High Fill Factor modules enabling specific Energy Yield (kWh/kWp)
  • 3rd Party Validated PAN Files.

Get the cost advantage


Note: Data is based on the comparison of the Adani -60 Cells Standard Multi (265Wp) with Industry’s Average of 260Wp module for a scale of 1 MW installation and will cost reduction will vary from site to site.



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