PRIDE Series

MBB cell technology with 12 BB, Smart Soldering

Excellent low light performance

Least Degradation for LID & LeTID with Ga Doped wafer technology

Excellent anti-micro cracking performance with more balanced interior stress:grid pattern current path, lower cost

Excellent PID Resistance.

shine series

Key Features

10% higher power output compared to industry average poly-crystalline module

Multiple bus bar cells offering better reliable against microcracks

Excellent performance at low light irradiation(200 W/m2)

Higher performance at longer wavelengths of light
(1100-1200 nm)

LIR trated cells with least LID effect and LeTID effect

Modules with low temperature coefficient, high fill factor, excellent low light irradiance performance

Reduces BOS costs by 6%

Reduces installation costs
by 3%

LIR treated cells with least LID effect and LeTID effect

5 bus bar cells offering better reliability against microcracks

Reduces land area costs by 3%

Reduces transport costs by 3%

Superior temperature co-efficient and performace at NOCT, PTC ratings

Triple EL checking to ensure defect free modules