PRIDE Series

MBB cell technology - excellent anti - microcracking performance with more balanced interior stress: grid pattern current path, lower cost

Up to 730 Wp at 15% bifaciality Gain**
Up to 70 ± 5 % bifaciality Factor

Longer Product life and performance -0.45 year over year degradation with 30 years warranty on power

Least Degradation for LID & LeTID.

Modules Made with Ga doped wafer, Smart soldering , 12BB

High salt mist and ammonia resistance

shine series

Key Features

Up to 450 Wp at 30% ground reflectivity

Characterised for 1000W/m2 & 200W/m2 on the front and rear side respectively

Up to 85% bifaciality factor

2x IEC testing to ensure extremely high reliability of
PV modules

Near zero LID, PID free,
1500 V module

Linear warranty of 30 years

Higher generation due to bifacial technology

Reduces installation costs
by 4%

Reduces land area costs by 8%

Reduces transport costs by 7%

Reduces BOS costs by 7%