June 05, 2018:The Adani Group’s solar manufacturing arm, Mundra Solar PV Limited (Adani Solar) emerged as the only Indian company to feature in the fourth annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard report by DNV GL, released earlier this week.

Published by the world's largest resource of independent energy experts the report is the most complete publicly available comparison of PV module reliability test results. Mundra Solar PV Limited (Adani) has been awarded the top award for three rigorous tests such as Thermal Cycle 600, Dynamic Load Test (DML) and PID.

“Developers / investors should always be aware that not all manufacturers have their modules tested for quality and reliability to vouch for their product lifetime. Procuring unevaluated modules is always a risk that could have major ramifications for their projects. Adani is a committed manufacturer which has implemented state-of-the-art facility with best industry practices ensuring superior performance and reliability of its products,” said Mr Ramesh Nair, Chief Executive Officer of Mundra Solar PV Limited (Adani Solar).

Mr. Anshul Khandelwal, Head Sales & Marketing of Mundra Solar PV Limited (Adani Solar) concurred. “DNV GL's PV Module Reliability Scorecard is an invaluable tool that developers / IE should use for overall procurement strategy. This ensures the projects are built with reliable and durable products that would perform as expected; ensuring best returns. We at Adani will continue to allocate more resources towards innovating new and high efficiency solar technologies and their application to the market as we shall continue to provide the most reliable and high efficiency products.”

The new recognition also has made Mundra Solar PV Limited (Adani Solar) the only BNEF Tier-1 manufacturer with a DNV GL top performer award at DNV GL PQP Program from India.

Solar installations are expected to cross the 100 GW mark in 2018. The healthy surge in installations is driven by higher efficiency PV modules with newer materials projecting higher returns and lower LCOE.

Adani Solar is the first Indian company to vertically integrate businesses that offer services across the spectrum of photovoltaics manufacturing. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with multi-level infrastructure is optimised for scaling up to 3 GW of modules and cells under a single roof.

The unit is located in one of the world's largest Special Economic Zone at Mundra, Gujarat and hence plays host to the entire solar manufacturing ecosystem from polysilicon to modules, including ancillaries and supporting utilities.

The cutting-edge technology, with machines and equipments sourced from the best in class producers, aim to help in cost leadership, scale of operations and reliability standards as per global benchmarks.